Why You Shouldn’t Try DIY Drain Cleaning

Normally, when your drain becomes severely clogged, your first instinct should be to call a professional company to come in to clear up the issue. Unfortunately, that is not always what people tend to do. Some homeowners will look to deal with the problem themselves in an effort to save money. The problem with this strategy, especially here in NYC where homes are a little older and drains and pipes have more wear and tear on them, this can become a nightmare situation that leads to even bigger and more expensive problems down the line. So, let’s look at a few more reasons why you should not try the DIY approach to fixing a clogged drain.


Liquid Drain Cleaners Are Not Always The Best Option

If you have any professional drain cleaning company, they will tell you that it is not recommended to use liquid drain cleaners. One reason, in particular, is the overall toxicity which can be very detrimental to the environment. However, as it more closely pertains to your home, liquid cleaners can cause damage to your pipes due to the corrosive acid that is at work to unblock the clogs.


The Problem Could Be Bigger Than You Expect

Another big reason is that most DIY enthusiasts do not fully understand the scope of the problem that they could be facing. So, without knowing the exact cause of the clog, you will struggle to find a solution to fix it. Situations such as grime build-up and solid masses can be too much for someone to handle without professional assistance.


You Risk Further Damage And Costs

Because most homeowners are unaware of the ins and outs of professional pipe maintenance, they run the risk of causing even more damage to their pipes by taking on the issue themselves. And in their attempt to save money, they could create a problem that would run them even more money which all could have been avoided, to begin with, had they contacted a professional in the first place.


DIY Is A Big Investment

Most homeowners will assume that by handling the situation themselves, it will save them money. And while that might be true, one must ask whether the costs you are saving will truly be a benefit down. Going the DIY approach may cause a lot of time and effort on your part that you could allocate elsewhere and ensure that the job is done correctly.


So, when it comes to fixing a clogged drain or dealing with a pipe issue in your home, it might be in your best interest to give a call to a seasoned professional. DIY approaches tend to lead to even worse problems which end up costing you much more than it initially would. All County Sewer and Drain has been servicing homeowners in the tri-state area for years and have built up a reputable reputation amongst their clients. So, if you are having trouble with your pipes, be sure to give us a call at 1 (800) 834-3102!

The Benefits Of A Sewer Camera Inspection

It is not uncommon for homeowners to ignore their sewer systems. It is usually out of sight and out of mind until they notice that something has gone wrong. Sometimes, the damage can be severe and expensive because it was neglected for so long. However, an effective way to expose any faulty pipelines and/or clogs before they become too serious is with a sewer camera inspection. When drains become clogged, there is so much that can go wrong and ignoring these issues can cost you a lot of money over time. Therefore, sewer camera inspections should be looked at as a means to save more money. Let’s take a look at more benefits to having regular sewer camera inspections.


Accurate Diagnostic Procedure

With a sewer camera inspection, homeowners will be able to see a real-time feed from the camera which is fed underground. This will allow them to see exactly what is causing the sewer problem and the exact location. So, you will be able to pinpoint the right method of fixing that problem without causing further damage.


No Digging Involved

Another benefit of the sewer camera inspection is that it will make everything that was once tedious and difficult with sewer problems much better. So, rather than having to excavate your entire yard, all you will need to do is have a small entry point for the camera to take a peek into whatever sewer issue you might be having.


Less Labor Costs

As we mentioned earlier, these sewer camera inspections can help save you a lot of money. The usual inspection process tends to require a bit of luck along with trial and error to find where the problem lies and this can become costly after a while. However, with a camera inspection, you will save the trouble of putting together an army of heavy machinery and contractors to locate the source of the problem. Plus, All County Sewer and Drain have been performing sewer camera inspections for years and are qualified to complete this innovative method.


Preventative Maintenance

Sewer camera inspections are also the best solution to preventing future catastrophic problems. For example, if a homeowner has noticed consistent patches of water in their yard, the best practice would be to have the pipes inspected as soon as possible because any tiny leaks are sure to grow bigger over time. So, a camera inspection will help to see the extent of their system’s pipe damage.


All County Sewer and Drain has dedicated themselves to using the latest technology in drain cleaning and that includes sewer camera inspections. This is a practice that not many other companies within the area are doing and that sets up apart from the competition. For more information on how these inspections can benefit your household, give us a call at 1 (800) 834-3102 today!

Advanced Crawler Camera System for Commercial Sewer Lines

How Does A Crawler Camera System Work?
For business owners, a few key things are important: the bottom line, client relations, and a healthy pipe system. That’s right. Complications with sewer lines can cause serious problems, such as Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs), which can disrupt the flow of operations at your workplace. In one U.S. city, 43% of SSOs were estimated to have been caused by pipe blockages. The tricky thing about pipes, however, is that you can’t see inside of them. At least, not without the help of specialty plumbing cameras. More specifically, large-scale commercial sewer lines require advanced crawler camera systems to locate potential blockages and prevent future problems.
What is a crawler camera?
Most homeowners are probably familiar with the classic pushrod cameras. Using a high-resolution camera attached to a long, flexible rod, a professional technician will direct the rod through drain lines up to 36 inches in diameter. However, most industrial sewer lines go well over this limit. In these cases, a crawler camera system is needed.

An industrial grade crawler camera is capable of inspecting sewer and storm drain systems up to 60 inches in diameter. These cameras are remotely-controlled, self-propelling, and able to record high-quality videos and images of sewers and pipelines. An experienced technician will control the camera from above ground while receiving a live feed of the footage.
What are the benefits of using a crawler camera?
Being able to extract geographical data in a large and complex sewer line allows the system to be accurately managed through the years. A crawler camera’s transmitter sends signals above ground that provide information about the direction of the pipeline, as well as the exact location of a potential problem area. This technology gives technicians the necessary information to map out the specific topography of a pipeline with ease and precision. Blockages or other problems can be easily pinpointed, which significantly reduces the amount of digging that has to be done. Furthermore, regular inspection protects you from potential health department violations.
What happens if a blockage is found?
If a blockage is located through a crawler camera, high-powered jetting systems are your best bet. Water-jetting can break up stubborn grease, soap, cooking waste, food oil, tree roots, or any other debris in your pipes. By controlling the pressure of the water jet, pipe walls can be completely scoured to remove obstructions that have caused clogs or blockages.
I’m interested in using a crawler camera. How can I get started?
Catching potential risks before they snowball into larger problems is key when it comes to managing a pipeline system. Today, many commercial projects use advanced video camera inspections for preventative maintenance. To have a commercial sewer system inspected using a crawler camera, contact a team of experienced professionals like All County Sewer and Drain, whose top-of-the-line crawler camera system can pinpoint details perfectly. When it comes to sewer lines, never wait until the last minute. Keep an eye on what’s happening.