5 Signs of a Dirty Grease Trap

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It’s Been a While: 

Although this may be an obvious sign, it is hard to keep track of everything in your life. With the stress of maintaining a restaurant, a dirty grease trap can often be overlooked. It is best to clean your grease trap every 1-3 months, depending on how often it is used. There is also a ¼ rule where the trap should be cleaned out after becoming a quarter full. If this is the case, now might be the best time to get your grease trap looked at and cleaned.

Foul Smelling Kitchen: 

The kitchen can bring various smells, so it is important to keep track of the good and bad odors and where they’re coming from. Make sure you are keeping an eye on your inventory and are cleaning as often as possible. If the foul smell sticks after a thorough cleaning, it can be a sign of a dirty grease trap. This can be due to the accumulation of grease and food waste in the trap. Don’t let this problem persist. 

Slow Moving Drain:

If your drain seems clogged, this could be due to the build-up of grease in your pipes. Look for water not draining as quickly, or your toilet not filling correctly. A grease trap’s main function is to keep food scraps and grease coming from your kitchen out of the sewer lines. If the dirty grease trap leaks, this will cause a clog in the pipes. This can restrict water from flowing and provide more issues in your restaurant. 

Grease Leaking in New Places: 

Is grease being found on the floor or other spots within your restaurant? This could be due to a clog, and grease leaking through the pipes, sinks, and water lines. When the grease trap overflows and isn’t being properly maintained, grease will spread throughout the sewer line. Be sure to keep your employees safe and your restaurant cleaned by maintaining your grease traps regularly.

Metal Grease Trap:

Over time, dirty grease traps can corrode and rust. If your trap has been running for over seven years and is made out of metal, this could lead to other problems. If your grease trap corrodes, rust could get in the grease and spread within the pipes. It is recommended that restaurants update their grease traps to plastic ones due to them being more sustainable. 

Overall, grease traps are a vital part of a well-functioning kitchen. If you notice these signs, and leave your trap alone for too long, it can lead to a serious problem. If you have trouble maintaining your grease trap, we are here to help! At All County Sewer and Drain, we make sure to properly dispose of all of your grease waste. We can leave the dirtiest grease trap freshly cleaned. Our team believes in preventing pollution and providing environmentally-friendly services. When faced with a grease problem, we can provide the solution. Call All County Sewer for fast and reliable service today!

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