Avoid Broken Pipes! Reasons For A Sewer Line Camera Inspection

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The new year is approaching, and with it comes annual sewer inspections! Any problem with your sewer can wreak havoc on your daily life and provides major chaos if not taken care of. Many damages with your pipes aren’t found until it’s too late, so a camera inspection is essential every couple of years. If not maintained, small leaks can turn into extreme water damage.

 Finding and solving the problem as quickly as possible is crucial to keeping your sewer lines intact. Luckily, video cameras are a modern resource that will find any minor or major issue occurring within your pipes! Here are reasons why you should get a sewer line camera inspection! 

Detailed Investigation

Sewer line camera inspections show any issues within your sewer in real time! The footage is high quality and can detect a small clog or leak. It can also show small cracks and dips within your pipeline that indicate possible breaks or clogs. By having advanced sound technology, the camera detects the exact location of the problem! This leads to timely repairs before chaos ensues.

Saves Money

Sewer line camera inspections can actually save you thousands of dollars in repairs! Although the cost of the service is high, it prevents all future sewer damage. When leaving your pipes unattended, minor issues build up to sewer destruction. By fixing the problem the first time, there’s no need to pay for future repairs. Believe it or not, the camera also detects lost valuables. If your worst nightmare comes true and you drop jewelry or your phone down the drain, you can get it back! Not only are cameras useful for repairs, they can 

Protects Your Lawn 

Camera inspections protect the environment and your home! Before technology evolved, digging a large trench was the only way to find pipeline damages. This destroys your lawn, and takes years for the ecosystem to recover (trees, shrubs, grass). Using cameras avoids disturbing the animals and ensures a thorough inspection. Cameras also don’t require permits or legal consultation, saving you time and effort.  

Timely Repair: 

Due to providing a thorough inspection, the repairs can be scheduled right away. The job will be completed quickly and not interfere with your busy holiday schedule! A camera inspection can save you time and money by getting ahead of future plumbing issues. By taking this preventative measure, you can ensure your pipes are intact for a lifetime. 

Scheduling A Sewer Line Camera Inspection 

When encountering any sewer problem, you only want the best crew for the job! Luckily All County Sewer and Drain is here to save the day! We provide thorough camera inspections to solve any minor or major sewer damage. No matter what size property, our crew is dedicated to keeping our clients safe from any sewer disruptions. We work in large firms, schools, hospitals and even residential properties. Call at (718) 550-5956 to schedule your annual sewer line camera inspection! For any piping emergency, we’ve got you covered! 

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