4 Ways To Prevent Your Drain From Clogging

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Drain Clog

How To Prevent Your Drain From Clogging: 

As fall approaches, the leaves may accumulate, clogging gutters and sewers. The risk of having a clogged drain increases as the weather gets colder and pipes freeze. To decrease the stress of having a major backup, here are some preventative measures you can do at home before the problem arises. 

1. Avoid Dumping Food: 

Although it is tempting to dump small amounts of scraps such as crumbs, grounds, and other substances down the drain, it is better to compost them. When cleaning your dishes, it is better to collect the scraps or compost them instead of putting them in the garbage disposal or down the drain. One tip to keep in mind is to avoid putting anything greasy in your drains, as they are harder to decompose. Especially avoid pouring any cleaning liquid or paint product, as they can also be very damaging to your pipes.

2. Clean Your Drain Stopper: 

When stopping your drain from becoming clogged, the drain stopper is the first resource that prevents hair and dust from falling in your drain. However, after a while, they accumulate on the end of the stopper. This is why it is best you clean your stoppers in your sinks or bathtubs. You should pull out the stoppers and remove any hair or dust. Cleaning your sink drain is as easy as rinsing it off with hot water, and then reinstalling it. This can be performed in a tub by pulling out the hair using a wire hanger or brush. 

3. Flush Your Drains: 

It is always helpful to occasionally flush your pipes with a large gallon of boiling water. You can fill up a pot or bucket with hot water and then flush it down your toilet. This is also helpful to do in your bathtub and sink. It is best to let the water sit for a little and then drain boiling water to clear out the drain.  

4. Use Bacterial Cleaner: 

Instead of using chemical cleaners, you should use bacterial ones or homemade cleaners. The big difference is that bacterial cleaners won’t corrode your pipes and are biodegradable. There are also several homemade remedies that can help unclog a drain. One of the easiest ways is combining baking soda and vinegar, while running hot water down the drain. You should let this mixture sit for 10 to 15 minutes, and rinse it with boiling water to provide the best results. 

5. Brush Your Hair: 

Although it might be a simple thought, brushing your hair before getting in the shower can be a big help for preventing a clogged drain. Getting rid of the excess hair, decreases the amount that will end up getting stuck in the pipes. Another small tool that can prevent hair from clogging the drain is buying a mesh screen for your bathtub. This stops the hair from going down the drain all together. Hair can cause a big problem for blocking your pipes, so this small addition can be huge in preventing future drain problems.

Even with all of these precautions, clogs can still form and escalate into a bigger problem. We are here to help you when problems arise. At All County Sewer and Drain, we provide preventative measures to reduce clogs in your sewer system or drains. We are here 24/7 for any service you need, at any time. Visit our website or contact us for a free estimate on our drain cleaning services.

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