Summer Sewer and Drain Issues and How To Avoid Them


Summer is now right around the corner. Trips to the beach, July 4th cookouts, pool parties, and other adventures await you and your family. Unfortunately, summer fun also comes with summer sewer and drain issues. Never fear – All County Sewer & Drain is here to protect your summer fun from the scourge of plumbing issues. Let’s countdown eight common sewer and drain issues that we can help solve. 

Relaxing by the sea at one of our region’s beautiful beaches is a great way to spend a sunny summer afternoon. However the sand and debris clinging to your skin after a beach day can clog your drains, so always rinse off before you get in the shower. If one sandy beach trip too many has backed up your shower drain, All County Sewer & Drain is happy to fix that problem. 

  • Sprinkler System Failure

Turf grasses take up 2% of land in the US. That’s more acreage than we dedicate to any edible crop, including corn. During the hot summer months, our numerous green grass lawns are, of course, reliant on our sprinkler systems. We don’t usually touch our sprinklers during winter, so it is important to inspect them when summer comes around. A broken sprinkler system can cause damage to your lawn or even raise your water bill.

  • Clogged Sewer Lines

Summer does not just bring sunny beach days, but also summer storms and even hurricanes. These heavy summer storms can cause rainwater to back up into your toilets, showers, and bathtubs if you have cracks in your pipes. Cracks can be caused by tree roots and other forces of nature. If you are having this problem, please call All County Sewer & Drain.

  • Sump Pump

If your house or business has a basement, your sump pump is an essential and underrated piece of equipment that keeps your basement dry during heavy rain events and storms. As previously mentioned, summer is hurricane season in NY, so ensuring that your sump pump is functional is an essential bit of summer sewer drain housekeeping. If your basement does flood, please reach out to All County Sewer & Drain for help.

  • Outdoor Faucet Leaks

Outdoor faucets are a great way to fill up water balloons with your kids in the backyard, but they can also cost homeowners a lot of money when they leak. A faucet with a leak can waste gallons upon gallons of water in a single day, costing homeowners a bundle when the utility bill arrives. Be sure to keep an eye on your outdoor faucets for leaks. 

  • Clogged Toilet

Family toilets get a lot more use during the summer when kids are home from school, and this makes clogs more likely. If you have young children who are still learning what not to flush down the toilet, this can be an even bigger risk. If you have a particularly bad clog, All County Sewer & Drain is happy to come to the rescue.

  • Clogged Garbage Disposal Unit

Summer is the season of backyard barbecues and cookouts, so your garbage disposal is working overtime. Always be sure that your disposal can handle the food waste you are putting into it. 

  • Washing Machine Hose Leaks or Clogs

Americans do more loads of laundry on average during the sweaty summer than at other times of the year. These additional loads of wash put more strain on your washer and can sometimes cause disruptive obstructions and overflows. Consider getting into the habit of checking machine hoses for damage regularly. 

We Can Help With Common Summer Sewer and Drain Issues

The experts at All County Sewer & Drain have seen it all, and we have extensive experience with handling all kinds of issues with your sewer and drain system. This summer, if you are having sewer or drain issues, call All County Sewer & Drain so that we can assist you in solving your warm weather drainage problems!

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