Sink Drain Clogged? Find Out Why

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Can you believe that summer is just about to wrap up? With the change of the season comes new problems with your pipes, so it’s important to be wary of any issues that may arise. If you find that your sink drain is clogged, though, you should stop to consider why — especially if this is a recurring problem. Not sure where to start your research? Here are just a few things that can make your sink drain clogged:

Food Waste

Unless you have a garbage disposal, you should not pour food down the drain. Food waste and grease will only create blockages in your plumbing system and can cause backups very quickly. You should dispose of all food and grease waste in the garbage. You should also consider buying a drain stopper to catch smaller food particles. It may seem inconvenient to be so meticulous about disposing of your garbage this way, but you’ll be thankful for your pipes staying healthy!


Whether you’re brushing your hair in the bathroom or moving hair out of your face in the kitchen, some follicles are going to come loose. You should do your best to prevent any loose strands from going down the drain, as they can cause many of the same issues that food waste does over time. Thankfully, the solution is similar as well! A drain stopper can catch any fallen hairs, and you can clean it out afterward. A drain stopper can really be a life-saver when it comes to preserving the health of your pipes!


Wait, what? Soap can make your sink drain clogged? Believe it or not, a bar of soap can leave behind soap scum, and that can build up in your drains quickly as well. The best way to avoid soap scum buildup is to buy liquid soap for the bathroom. Liquid soap leaves behind little to no scum depending on the brand, so that’s another way to keep your pipes clean and healthy. You should also consider replacing the bar of soap in your shower.

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You don’t have to be surprised if you find your sink drain clogged because you now know some of the possible causes! If you still aren’t sure why you have a backup, or you want a team of professionals to clear it out, reach out to All County Sewer & Drain today!This entry was posted in Pipes, Prevention, Property Management, Sewer System and tagged all county sewer and drain, drain cleaning, drains, pipes, prevention. Bookmark the permalink.

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