Common Sink Drain Problems In The Spring

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Spring has sprung and it’s never felt any better! Just like every other season, however, you may run into all sorts of problems with your home plumbing system in the coming months. As headache-inducing as these problems are, you’re going to pay the price if you’re not aware of them and how to act should they occur. Keep reading to learn about some common, seasonal sink drain problems and how to fix them!

Clogged Drain

Is water draining down the sink slowly? It’s a tale as old as time. Back in March, we outlined different ways to unclog your shower drain, and you can follow all of those solutions to clear your sink drain. Use a drain snake, pour some boiling water, call an expert — do what you have to do. Doing any or all of those things will likely solve the problem if you’re just dealing with one sink, but if several sinks are clogged, that’s a symptom of a deeper issue. When in doubt, contacting a drain specialist is the best course of action.

Rusty Water

Brown, rusty water coming out of your faucet(s) is never a welcomed sight. This problem can occur at any time during the year, but it’s most prevalent in the spring due to increased sedimentation. As off-putting as it appears, rusty water usually is not a health risk. In fact, your water will likely clear up after letting the faucet run for a few seconds. If the rust doesn’t go away, you’re going to have to flush your pipes out. Consult these instructions on how to get rid of sediment in your pipes.

Pipe Sweating

We talked about pipe sweating in a previous blog post, so if you followed our instructions, great! If you didn’t, there are still steps you can take. If you notice water sitting on the outside of your pipes, you’ll want to wipe the water up and insulate your pipes. As long as there isn’t a crack or leak in your pipe(s), insulation is the best way to stave off pipe sweating. This is more of a problem with your pipes than a sink drain problem, but it’s still important to take into account.

Call An Expert To Solve Sink Drain Problems

If you’re struggling to resolve any of these sink drain problems, please reach out to All County Sewer & Drain to do the work for you. We won’t stop until everything is back in working order!This entry was posted in Pipes, Sewer System and tagged all county sewer and drain, drain cleaning, drains. Bookmark the permalink.

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