Top 4 Signs Of A Sewage Backup

As important as it is to look out for seasonal problems with your pipes, as we discussed in last month’s blog, it’s equally imperative to look out for problems that can arise year-round too! One of those problems is sewage backups — a buildup of waste that forms in your pipes and impedes water flow. If you’re not sure of any warning signs of a sewage backup, keep reading!

Foul Odor

If your house smells like sewage, then there’s probably sewage in your pipes! A foul odor coming from your drain(s) is the simplest way to detect a sewage backup. So if something smells amiss, there is more than likely a blockage that needs clearing. Sometimes human instinct prevails over anything else! 

Slow Draining

Another obvious sign of accumulated sewage is slow draining in one or several appliances in your house. If water is not draining properly in your sink, toilet, and/or shower, a clogged pipe is a prime suspect. Clogged drains usually begin towards the bottom of your house, so if you notice more and more drains starting to clog from the bottom up, you should have a good idea of what the issue is.


If the water around your drains or in your toilet bubbles, that is a major red flag. Air bubbles in your appliances are a common sign of obstructed waterflow in your pipes, and if you neglect the issue, the sewage will continue to build up and create an even bigger problem when you do take action against it. It is better to be proactive in these situations than passive. 

Visible Sewage

In some rarer cases, you can actually see sewage come up from your drains. If you see some dark, smelly, sludgy material in your sink or bathtub, you probably already know what your problem is. Be sure to also check your cleanout pipes for sewage; cleanout pipes are usually found in your basement or outside your house that allows access to your sewer line. If there’s a sewage backup, wastewater will be forced through it. It’s crucial to investigate every last one of your suspicions! 

These are only just a few symptoms of a sewage backup in your plumbing system, as there are countless issues to look out for. If you notice anything abnormal, please feel free to contact the team at All County Sewer and Drain and ask us any of your questions. We’re always happy to help!