Sewage System Health: Pipe Problems Prevention

Pipe problems prevention is important, as seen with this broken pipe.

Welcome, readers! At All County Sewer & Drain Inc., we aim to provide you not only with superior service, but also with useful information so you can become more knowledgable about the plumbing system that is part of the heart of your home or facility. That said, let’s talk about the topic we love most: pipes!

We don’t tend to think about them much, but underneath our homes and businesses is a network of pipes that makes sure liquid waste gets washed into the town or city sewer system until it ends up in the nearest sewage treatment plant. We don’t think of them – that is, until there’s a problem. When pipes are clear and free of cracks and weak spots, we may take them for granted. Here’s why you shouldn’t: as soon as one pipe gets clogged or damaged, it can wreak complete havoc. If you run a business, you may even have to shut down until the problem gets fixed. Not only that, but plumbing problems can be extremely expensive to repair, especially as you generally have to fix not only the pipe but also surrounding damage to walls, floors, and carpets.

Luckily, there are several pipe problems prevention strategies you can take to ensure your pipes stay clear, strong, and working their best. 

Be Careful What You Flush

People try to flush all sorts of things down the toilet, but most items, including baby wipes, tissues, and sanitary products, should be disposed of in the garbage. Even products such as flushable wipes and certain sanitary products marketed as being flushable should not be sent down the toilet drain. Those items are not completely degradable and will build up over time in your sewer system, eventually causing a clog. The same can be said for hair from the shower. Make sure that after you shower, you clear any hair out of the drain so it doesn’t cause a back-up down the line. In addition, some people are of the habit of flushing oily, greasy food waste down the toilet so they don’t clog up their sink drain. This is misguided, as the pipes from your toilet eventually connect with the pipe from your sink drain, so that greasy food waste will cause the same damage down the toilet as it would have down the sink.

Properly Dispose of Grease

Grease can cause considerable damage to your sewer system. It leaves damaging residue on the inside of your pipes, and it doesn’t break down, meaning it joins up with other greasy waste and builds up into globs of fat, eventually causing major clogs. Grease globs don’t just stay within the pipes of your home – they make their way to your town or city’s sewer system and get together with other grease globs, contaminating the water and causing a blockage problem for the whole town. This is especially the case if you work in the restaurant, hospitality, or school business. The amount of greasy waste in commercial kitchens is much more significant than in a residential home. That’s why grease traps and regular maintenance by a professional plumber are essential in ensuring you don’t have any sewer problems.

Tackle Small Problems Right Away

No matter how careful you are, small plumbing problems can happen from time to time. If you stay on top of an issue as soon as it occurs, you will prevent majorly damaging, disruptive, and expensive catastrophes. Pay attention to things like water pressure and how quickly water flows down your drain. If you notice low water pressure or slow drainage of water, call your trusted plumber to evaluate your pipes and find the source of the problem. You may think of these issues as mere annoyances, but they are symptoms of a growing problem that is easy to deal with at first, but more complicated and costly later.

Regular Maintenance From A Certified Plumber

If you run a medical facility, school, hotel, or restaurant, you can’t afford to have even small issues in your plumbing. A backup in such an institution could be devastating, resulting in damages and temporary closing of your facility, causing you to lose money on top of what you are already spending to fix the issue. Regular maintenance of your pipes, including a crawler camera system, can spot brewing problem areas before they actually cause any issues. A reputable plumbing company like All County Sewer Drain & Inc. will be able to diagnose these issues and deal with them before disaster strikes.

Pipe Problems Prevention is Possible

Staying attentive to the behavior of your plumbing, being careful about what substances you introduce into your sewer system, and engaging in preventative maintenance of your pipes will make sure your kitchen–and entire home or facility–stays leak and flood free.

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