Keep sand from your sewer

How To Keep Sand Out of Your Sewer this Summer

Beach season has arrived! Time to get out your flip flops and sunscreen and head to the water! Isn’t it the best feeling to dig your toes into the warm sand? Be careful, though! Even if you “rinse” at the beach when it’s time to go home, it’s hard to truly get all the sand off. No worries, you think. It’ll come off in the shower! True, but the sand, as well as other beach debris and thick sunscreen lotions, can cause drain backups or even actual pipe damage, especially if your pipes are older and made out of galvanized steel or cast iron. Luckily, we have some tips for you on how to keep sand out of your sewer!

1. Thoroughly Rinse Beach Toys in the Ocean

A shovel and pail are fun for your kids, but you don’t want to rinse them in your tub at home. Make it someone’s job to thoroughly rinse all beach toys in the ocean before you leave, and the put the clean toys right into a clean bag.

2. Baby Powder Your Feet

It’s hard to keep your feet clean because there’s often sand on the ground everywhere, pretty much until you get to your car. Plus, sand can be sticky and doesn’t rinse off super well. Luckily, we have a useful hack to help you sluff off the sand on your feet and legs. The hack? Baby powder. That stuff works magic on sand as you rub it in. It absorbs the moisture adhering the sand to your skin and makes it much easier to brush off. Anything that’s left you can rinse off with a hose when you get home. Don’t forget to rinse in between your toes!

3. Rinse Shoes and Bathing Suits Outside

Beach shoes and bathing suits will be a lot easier to successfully clean when they are dry. Leave your shoes on your porch or patio and drape your bathing suit on a porch railing, patio chair, or somewhere else convenient in your backyard until dry. Once they’re dry, you can shake them out and rinse them off with a hose to get rid of whatever sand is left.

4. Fitted Sheet Trick

Shower and bath drains are not the only places you need to keep sand from. Your washing machine contains a pipe that can also become clogged or damaged from sand. That means you definitely don’t want to throw sandy towels into your washing machine. 

You can clean the sand off your towels by implementing the same strategy as number three (above), but there’s an even better approach – don’t let them get sandy in the first place! There’s a neat trick where you lay down a fitted sheet, place your bags in the corners to keep it flat and extended, and then you can place your towels on the sheet. Voila! They will stay free of sand (mostly, considering you will probably track in some sand when you hang out on the towels after walking on the beach) and you can run them through the washing machine without worrying.

Keep Sand Out Of Your Sewer For A Happy Summer

Using these precautionary measures, you will keep your pipes healthy and working smoothly this summer. That said, if you DO experience a blockage in your sewer system due to sand buildup or any other reason, the expert plumbers at All County Sewer and Drain Inc. will come right away and clear up the problem for you. Don’t wait until a backup becomes a flood–call for help as soon as you notice a problem! 

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